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Test of the new tubulin

Unfortunately, Cytoskeleton discontinued the Rhodamine-labeled tubulin we had been using. They suggested to use a new one instead: tubulin. This entry contains the results of the Gliding Motility Assay done with this new tubulin.


Both Assays were performed with the same chemicals, even from the same aliquots, to reduce the possibility of error.

  • Old tubulin

The experiment with the old tubulin resulted on an average speed of 934.8067 nm/s.

Old Tubulin
  • New tubulin

The experiment with the new tubulin resulted on an average speed of 975.0000 nm/s.

New Tubulin

Qualitatively speaking the only difference found was he brightness of the microtubules on the microscope; the old ones were a little dimmer.