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I am a PostDoc at Sole Lab

My work during PhD research at UPC centered on the applications of nonlinear dynamics to astrophysics, investigating on the possible chaotic origin of irregular variable stars. At present and after quite a course change, my work as a postdoc at the Complex Systems Lab in Barcelona under the leadership of Ricard Solé concerns the analysis and the conception of biological models associated to a theoretical artificial cell. My work develops in the mark of the PACE European project aiming at the theoretical and experimental realization of a synthetic protocell. I'm very interested in exploring the transition from the chemical to the biological level, including biochemical cycles, spatial pattern formation, emergent robustness and regulation mechanisms in biological systems. Specifically, as tools of this exploration, my present and imediat-future interests are related to computational cell biology, that is (chemical) network analysis as well as improving stochastic spatio-temporal simulations of biochemical systems.

I am an extremely lucky scientist to be able to continue to satisfy as an adult the curiosity for my childhood passions: astrophysics and biology. If my luck continues in the future, I'll try to combine these two research fields.


Contact information:

Barcelona Biomedical Research Lab
ICREA-Complex Systems Lab
Office 491
Dr. Aiguader 88
08003 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34-93 3160532