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closeAFD.js is a JavaScript tool that allows for easy closing of AFD debates.


It will add "close" and "relist" tabs when viewing an AFD page.


Clicking the "close" tab will load a menu of closing options:

  • Additional closing rationale (optional) – An optional closing rationale to be added in addition to "keep," "delete," "redirect," etc. For non-admins, "(non-admin closure)" is automatically appended to the close, so this does not need to be added here.
  • Speedy – Check this box if the close is a "speedy" close (speedy delete, speedy keep, etc.)
  • Delete redirects – Check this box to delete all redirects to the article.
  • Delete – Deletes the article and its talk page (disabled for non-admins).
  • Keep/No consensus – Removes the AFD template and adds the {{oldafdfull}} template to the talk page.
  • Redirect – Prompts for a target, redirects the article to the target, and adds {{oldafdfull}} to the talk page. Gives the option to delete the article and talk page before redirecting.
  • Merge – Prompts for a target, removes the AFD template from the article, adds {{afd-mergeto}} to the talk page, and adds {{afd-mergefrom}} to the talk page of the target article. The actual merge must still be done manually.
  • Other – Provides an extra textbox for a closure type.
    • Delete – Deletes the article and talk page. (disabled for non-admins)
    • Don't delete – Removes the AFD template from the article, and adds {{oldafdfull}} to the talk page with the closure type provided.


The "relist" tab will show the log that the entry will be removed from, and the new log that it will be added to. Verify that the logs are correct and click the "submit" button.


To install the script, add: <source lang="javascript">importScript('User:Mr.Z-man/closeAFD.js');</source> to your monobook (or modern) JS page and bypass your cache.


  • The script has only been tested extensively in Firefox 3, but it should work in older versions of Firefox, IE7, and most other browsers. The script was designed and tested in the monobook skin, it should work in modern, but may not work in others.
  • When using the redirect option, the script currently does not delete the page before redirecting.
  • If multiple articles are nominated in the same AFD, the script will only delete/edit the one named in the page title.
  • Direct bug reports/feature requests to User talk:Mr.Z-man.

Future features

  • Option not to do merge tags.
  • Use {{Multidel}} where applicable
  • Correctly handle multiple articles nominated together
  • Close other deletion debates
  • Check for edit conflicts.
  • Follow redirects