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  1. Prepare another dye stock solution for PVA-clay microspheres to soak it.
  2. Allow the PVA-clay microspheres to absorb dye.
  3. Remove soaking hydrogels from water and allow then to absorb dye.
  4. Synthesize more PVA-clay microspheres.
  5. Finish preparing PVA MW 130,000 hydrogels

Dye solution preparation

  • As with the preparation of the PVA-clay hydrogels, Rhodamine 6G will be used as the dye. An internal concentration of 1μM dye will be used.
    • Because of the removal of all liquid from the microspheres, a 1μM stock solution will be prepared. A dilution was used from the previously prepared stock solutions. After allowing the the microspheres to absorb the dye for an extended period of time, the microspheres will be rinsed with hot and cold water to remove any DMSO.


  • The use of 25mL will make it so a dilution is not necessary for each microsphere dye soak. The prepared 1μM solution was prepared in a volumetric flask, parafilmed, and stored for subsequent use.

Microsphere preparation

  • The general protocol described on 2013/02/06 was followed.

Hydrogel Preparation

Prepared PVA MW 130,000 hydrogels ' ' ' '
Composition Amount of PVA(g) Amount of clay added(g) Concentration of dye solution added(uM) Volume of dye solution added(mL)
50:50 PVA:110% Lamp 0.4998 0.4998 165 0.0364
50:50 PVA:110% NaMT exchange 0.4992 0.4991 165 0.0364