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  1. Perform polyvinyl acetate synthesis
  2. ISE film preparation(do this for film selectivity)

ISE film preparation

General Protocol

  1. Cut PVOH film in half. Place each half in a 100mL beaker. There will be two beakers used for each film.
  2. Fill one beaker with ~50mL 20ppm CuSO4 stock solution. Make sure enough solution is used to completely cover the film.
  3. Fill the second beaker with ~50mL 20ppm NaSO4 stock solution. Make sure enough solution is used to completely cover the film.
  4. Allow the films to sit for ~48hours


  • The films that were used were PVOH(MW 22K)+0.8wt% GA crosslinked and PVOH(MW 22K)+0.8wt% GA+NaMT crosslinked


  • The general protocol for acetylation described 2012/11/09 was used.
  • Three reaction mixtures(20%, 40% and 60%) were placed on a stir plate for 1 hour.


  • Three drops of bromothymol blue were added to each reaction mixture before titrating with sodium bicarbonate solution prepared 2012/11/09
  • PHP solution had not completely dissolved. Standardization of sodium bicarbonate must still be performed. In order to facilitate the dissolving of PHP, 20.424g of PHP will be remeasured, dried and divided three equivalent portions. These equivalent portions will be added to three separate beakers and deionized H2O will be added to the beakers to create a 1M solution.

Titration results:

Reaction mixture Initial volume of burette(mL) Final volume burette(mL) Total volume used(mL)
20% 0.5 42.5 42
40% 0.0 43.2 43.2
60% 0.1 42.8 42.7