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  1. Crosslink glutaraldehyde film (PVOH MW 22K)
  2. Test solubility:
  • PVOH MW 22000+HCl+10%Maleic Acid

Glutaraldehyde Crosslinking

  • The General Protocol described on 9/14/12 was followed
  • Observations:
    • The sides of the glutaraldehyde film started to curl upwards ~20minutes into heating in the first fixant solution. When pushing down with a plastic pipette, the film was resubmerged in H2O and uncurled
    • After 1hr in fixant solution, the film had a more rubber like texture
    • After 1/2 hour in 1% HCl solution, the film(which was a rubber like texture during this step in prior crosslinking)the film dissolved and resolidified on the stemless Buchner funnel. Part of the film was a gel-like substance, but the glutaraldehyde and fixant was discarded
  • Note:
    • Previously crosslinked glutraldehyde film was weighed and stored in deionized H2O

Mass of glutaraldehyde film before storage in H2O: 0.6701g


  • The General protocol for testing viscosity was followed using viscometer 2190
  • Observations:
    • Mass of film used: 0.0734g
    • The PVOH MW 22000+HCl+10%Maleic Acid film was allowed to stir for 1 hour. Although the film did not completely dissolve after 1 hour, the size of the film did shrink drastically
    • Stored the film that remained after 1hr. stirring for further testing

Viscosity Calculations

  • Viscosity of pure H2O at 25°C
Trial [ ] Time [s]
1 240.73
2 241.34
3 241.81
  • Average time = 241.29 s

  • Viscosity of PVOH MW 22,000+[HCl]+10%maleic acid at 25°C
Trial [ ] Time [s]
1 247.35
2 246.91
3 247.49
  • Average time = 247.25 s