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  1. Rerun kinetics reaction which was unsuccessful on 10/1/2013 due to the dilute sample of luminol used.
  2. Perform Chemiluminescence reaction


  • Prepared a 1/9 dilution of luminol in order to create a reaction mixture that has HRP 1000x less concentrated than luminol.
  • Ran UV-vis of the prepared luminol in order to ensure that the absorbance maximum was at or above 1.

Figure 1. Absorbance spectra of 1/9 dilution of luminol for kinetics reaction with HRP


  • Prepared two samples in order to monitor the chemiluminescence of luminol, described on 10/1/2013

Prepared Samples:

    • Tube 1: 5ml of 0.5mM luminol and 5ml of 5nM HRP
    • Tube 2: 10ml of Hydrogen peroxide which came from a stock solution with the concentration of 12.8mM


  • It was determined that HRP was inactive. None of the prepared solutions produced workable data. All kinetics data will be obtained from the successful data analyzed on 10/1/2013.