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Creating 10% MOF-5 in ABS

  • The extruder was used to create a 10% MOF-5 in ABS sample.
  • To begin, the extruder was thoroughly cleaned and wiped down with methanol.
  • 12.0 g of ABS beads were massed out and loaded into the extruder at 195 °C and 80 RPM
  • After 5 minutes, the ABS was extruded and the ABS in the recycle loop was removed. This was massed and the mass was subtracted from the initial 12 g that were added. From this mass, 1.2g was subtracted and the resulting mass (~ 7.8 g) was used to measure out new ABS beads.
  • The 7.8 g ABS was mixed with 1.2 g MOF-5 and then loaded into the extruder.
  • After 5 minutes of mixing, the ABS/MOF mix was extruded and collected (~9g)