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  1. Finish Density of PVA and PVA-Clay calculations
  2. Perform Time Dependence of BPA absorption by PVA
  3. Finish synthesizing clays from last Friday

Performed an experiment wherein PVA films are soaked in 10.4 ppm solutions of BPA for varying amounts of time. To do this, 20 vials were filled with 10.4 ppm BPA and PVA clays. After a certain amount of time had elapsed (times can be found below) the PVA films were removed from two of the vials. The films were removed from two vials because GC-MS and HPLC are destructive processes and a sample is needed to perform each test.

BPA Sample Prep

  • 10ppm BPA stock solution made by James and Eleni
    • 10.4 mg BPA was dissolved in 5 mL of methanol, then diluted to 1 L with water
  • Two measurements (for GC-MS and HPLC) for each time slot:
    • 10/22 5 min
    • 10/22 10 min
    • 10/22 20 min
    • 10/22 30 min
    • 10/22 60 min
    • 10/22 120 min
    • 10/22 afternoon
    • 10/23 morning
    • 10/23 afternoon
    • 10/24
  • PVA was used.


BPA Experiment October 22.png

The chart above shows the initial masses of the PVA clays put into each scintillation vial used in the BPA experiment.


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