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  • To determine the concentration of dissolved AuNPs in samples prepared with BSA, measure atomic absorbance and compare to standards.


  1. Atomic Absorbtion spectroscopter was calibrated with standard solutions of Au, with concentrations of 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 ppm prepared by Dr. Miller.
    1. Between samples, deionized water was run throguh the spectroscoper.
  2. A blank was run with 1M HCl once every four samples.
  3. Samples of Au/BSA made last week were analyzed and their absorbance was compared to that of the standards.


AAtable.png AAgold.jpg


  • The lack of a consistent slope in the 132-140 [Au/BSA] range would suggest that a higher percentage of gold goes into fibers at these mole ratios. However, this contradicts our previous trials with Au/BSA in UV/Vis, which showed the most AuNP in solution around this region, and the least in fibers.
  • The opposite trend was expected. More trials need to be run to see what's going on here.