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  • Extract ADA from E. Coli
  • Obtain two sets of UV/Vis spectra for Au/BSA solutions with varying concentrations of Tris, to see how absorbance changes over time


  • Protein extraction
  • Solutions of 70 [Au/BSA] prepared 9/19 with Tris at molarities of .05mM, .5mM, 5mM, 50mM, 100mM, 200mM, 500mM, and 1M went through two rounds each of UV/Vis.


Results of other group:


  • Opposite trends can be seen between the two groups' trials. In ours, lower molarities of Tris resulted in higher absorbance, while the Chem-571 class last year, lower absorbance for lower molarities of Tris could be seen. Their absorbance values were also much higher. The fact that opposite trends are seen in all samples means that if this was due to error, it was a systematic error. More trials should be run.
  • No significant difference is seen between our two UV/Vis trials, except for 5mM in the second trial, which has a much higher absorbency peak. This may be due to random error.