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Extractions, separations, etc. include ensuring that each gene has its own promoter, RBS, terminator, and any other pertinent regulatory sequences. In addition to separating the genes, it would also be wise to develop or utilize/modify an existing system like Biobricks to build the genome so that convenient restriction sites exist between the genes so they can be easily removed or replaced. I used the following annotation to locate and design changes to the genome.
Gene Modification
X Extract from gene II.
II Extract gene X.
V Add some base pairs between V and VII to allow for a restriction site.
VII Separate from gene IX.
III Change the GTG to ATG Start?
VI Add some base pairs between III and VI and VI anda I to allow for restriction sites.
I Separate from genes IV and XI.
XI Separate from genes I and IV.
IV Separate from genes I and XI.
M13 ORI 1 & 2 Are two ORIs necessary? If so, can they be consolidated?
KanR Possible to remove bps 6600 - 7100 upstream of KanR? Does this DNA have functional significance?