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  1. Synthesis of controlled AuNPs
  2. UV-Vis of Red AuNPs/calibration curve with serial dilutions


  1. The same protocol was followed from Jan. 29th
  2. Sodium Citrate used: 0.0044715g
  3. Gold used: 0.05031g
  4. Stirring at 240 rpm
  5. Heated at 155 degrees C, changed to 170 degrees C after one hour
  6. 1hr and 20 min in order to reach 90 degrees C, to which the sodium citrate was then added.
  7. It was kept on the heat stirring for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The solution turned a bright red color.


Figure 1: AuNP UV-Vis Spectra for our Red AuNPs (synthesized on 02/02/2016)

Figure 2: Calibration Curve for our Red AuNPs (synthesized on 02/02/2016)