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oncoCURES Project Log

Thursday, March 12

  • reviewed the ideas and the mentor feedback

signaling and genetics Glivec important example to study in great depth mimic it small molecule inhibitors not proteins need to pick specific pathway to target what would it do

viruses and bacteria tried for a long time genetic therapy no viral therapy approved by FDA study existing possibilities some dangers

markers and targeting interesting findings may not be able to achieve ambition

Wednesday, March 11

  • gave 3 Ideas Presentation
  • got reviews and questions

student feedback

Signaling and Genetics Viruses and Suppression Markers and Targeting
Most Important 10 2 7
Greatest Impact 7 7 6
Most Competitive 7 4 5
Greatest Certainty 5 0 11

Tuesday, March 10

  • modified draft of the PowerPoint presentation
  • decided to redo third idea
    • markers and targeting, focus on metastasis

Sunday, March 8

  • worked on presentation
  • brainstormed

Wednesday, March 4

  • figured out 3 ideas to go forward with
    • eliminated chemotherapy and redefined environment
    • chose signaling and genetics, virus and bacteria, and competition and decoys
  • divided up the ideas amongst the team members
    • Melissa: Competition and Decoys, Nick: Signaling and Genetics, Ajoke: Virus and Bacteria
  • planned meeting for the weekend
    • Meeting: Sunday, 9:00 AM, in the Student Center 5th Floor Reading Rooms

Wednesday, February 25

  • discussed the prompts for the team contract
  • put together a contacts list
  • came up with 5 ideas for our presentation
    • signaling, environment, genetic, chemotherapy, and virus