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Protocol for preparing poly-lysine coated coverslips

Materials: Coverslips, size and thickness according to your needs Water, sterile Polylysine, we use a readymade solution from Sigma (P8920, mol wt 150,000-300,000, 0.1 % (w/v) in H2O), alternatively the polylysine powder can be dissolved in H2O and stored at -20 °C, the solution from Sigma contains thiomersal and can be stored at RT

  • Put the coverslips (e.g. a packet of 100 coverslips) in a clean autoclaveable container
  • sterilize by autoclaving
  • Wash the coverslips once with H2O
  • Add about 36 ml of H2O and 4 ml of 0.1% polylysine solution, final concentration 0.01%
  • Keep the coverslips in the polylysine solution for 1h (more works too, never tried less time)
  • Aspirate the polylysine solution
  • Wash twice with H2O
  • Air dry the coverslips in a sterile hood, shake occasionally to prevent clumping
  • When the slips are dry, i.e. not sticky, move to a sterile container, e.g. tissue culture dishes