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Hyp: Upstream genes (& regulators) of siderophore precursors critical

Ornithine biosynthesis

Pathway (source L-glutamine). In Yeast, 4 proteins in mito carry out ornithine biosynthesis (part of arginine biosynthesis pathway):

Checked fumigatus orthologs for up-reg in SreA or Jason's study (p0.05):

ECM40 - Afu5g08120 - not up-reg.
Arg5,6 - Afu6g02910 - not up-reg.
Arg8 - Afu2g12470 - not up-reg.
Arg2 - Afu2g11490 - not up-reg.

Interestingly, CpcA: global regulator of AA biosynth genes is up-reg and ortholog (Afu8g02760) of the A. nidulans mitochondrial ornithine carrier AmcA, which is likely to be involved in supply of ornithine for siderophore biosynthesis is up-reg.

Further on CpcA. CpcA is not identified in the SreA study as DE. Number of genes regulated by GCN4 in Yeast that are DE in Jason's study are: