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Today's objectives are to:

  • Make a standard curve for the fluorescence of Rhodamine as a function of its concentration
  • Add Rhodamine to the samples synthesized on February 24, 2016 and incubate these samples overnight at room temperature
  • Synthesize new AuNP fibers



We attempted to make a standard curve for the fluorescence of Rhodamine at a concentration of 0 to 1µM (with 0.1µM increments). However, our measurements did not make any sense. We suspect that we did not clean out the cuvettes well enough between each sample. Tomorrow, we will wash with more methanol between samples.

For all the fluorescence measurements, we used the following parameters:

Start 540 nm End 700 nm Ex: 520 nm

Addition of Rhodamine to Samples Synthesized on February 24, 2016

We added Rhodamine to the samples that we synthesized on February 24, 2016 as follows:

Table 1: Volume of Rhodamine Added to AuNP Fiber Samples that were Synthesized on February 24, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.42.44 PM.png

Note that the samples ending in _04 were blanks (we did not add any Rhodamine to these samples).

AuNP Fiber Synthesis

We made new AuNP fiber samples as follows:

Table 2: Components of AuNP Fiber Samples Synthesized Today
Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.38.33 PM.png

We incubated the samples in the oven at 80 degrees Celsius for four hours.

Data, Analysis, and Observations

We will take fluorescence measurements of all of our samples tomorrow. See the entry for March 2, 2016 for the data and analysis.