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Contact Info

Matt Mattozzi
  • Matthew Mattozzi
  • Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
  • 3 Blackfan Circle CLSB 528-13C
  • Boston, MA 02122
  • Email me with OpenWetWare

I work in the Silver Lab at the Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School.


  • 2008, PhD, UC Berkeley
  • 2002, BS, Harvey Mudd College

Research interests

  1. Metabolic engineering
  2. Carbon fixation biochemistry
  3. Engineered environmental microbiological systems
  4. Molecular microbiology
  5. Industrial microbiology


  1. Mattozzi Mde L and Keasling JD. Rationally engineered biotransformation of p-nitrophenol. Biotechnol Prog. 2010 May-Jun;26(3):616-21. DOI:10.1002/btpr.382 | PubMed ID:20196144 | HubMed [mm1]

    Refactored metabolic pathway to degrade toxic substances

  2. de la Peña Mattozzi M, Tehara SK, Hong T, and Keasling JD. Mineralization of paraoxon and its use as a sole C and P source by a rationally designed catabolic pathway in Pseudomonas putida. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2006 Oct;72(10):6699-706. DOI:10.1128/AEM.00907-06 | PubMed ID:17021221 | HubMed [mm2]

    Refactored metabolic pathway to degrade toxic substances

  3. Hettinger JW, de la Peña Mattozzi M, Myers WR, Williams ME, Reeves A, Parsons RL, Haskell RC, Petersen DC, Wang R, and Medford JI. Optical coherence microscopy. A technology for rapid, in vivo, non-destructive visualization of plants and plant cells. Plant Physiol. 2000 May;123(1):3-16. DOI:10.1104/pp.123.1.3 | PubMed ID:10806220 | HubMed [mm3]

    Imaging for plant biochemistry

  4. ISBN:978-3-540-77584-3 [Book1]

    Book chapter on central metabolism

All Medline abstracts: PubMed | HubMed

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