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  • A high voltage source is in use.
  • This lab is done primarily in a dimly lit room. Be aware of your surroundings.


  • e/m Experimental Apparatus, composed of a tube of dilute helium gas, an electron heater, focusing magnets, and a Helmholtz coil used to provide a constant magnetic field
    • This description is from Brian Josey's lab notebook
  • SOAR DC Power Supply Model PS-3630 (Electron Gun Heater)
  • Gelman Instrument Company: Deluxe Regulated Power Supply
  • Hewlett Packard 6384A DC Power Supply (Helmholtz Coils)
  • Multiple BNC cables
  • 3 voltmeters (one of which was used as an ammeter)

Set Up

A detailed set up can be found in Prof. Gold's lab manual. Basically, a power source is attached to the Helmholtz coils in order to create a magnetic field. Another (separate) power supply is attached to the electron gun. Use voltmeters to achieve a more accurate reading on the voltage/amperage being applied to the apparatus.

  • Note: If the electron beam bends downwards instead of forming a circle, simply flip how the electron gun is attached to the power supply.


Calculations and Results