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Ocean Optics Procedure

Figuring out procedure for collecting kinetics data with ocean optics software.

  1. Save Reference spectrum file
    1. Light source on
    2. Blank Cuvette with buffer in cuvette holder
    3. Select File|Store|Store Reference Spectrum
  2. Save Dark spectrum file
    1. Block light path
    2. Select File|Store|Store Dark Spectrum
  3. Saving multiple spectra over a time course
    1. Select File|New|High Speed Aquisition
      1. Integration Time (μs): 10,000 (10ms)
      2. Scans to Average: 1
      3. Boxcar width: 0
      4. External Trigger Mode: Normal
      5. Filename ---> Select
      6. Number of scans 5000 (this could be huge. might need to rethink ...)

Prepping Mixer

Nyousha made 200mL of 50mM tris 10mM sodium dithionite, pH 8 and is filtering it.

We are going to bubble nitrogen through it and then purge the mixer with this solution to degas the mixer and get rid of the oxygen.