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Measure stock DNA solutions


Dilute samples (2 uL of DNA, 198 uL of water)

Measure absorbance.

Assume: for dsDNA, an absorbance of 1 corresponds to a concentration of 50ug/mL and for oligos an absorbance of 1 corresponds to a concentration of 20ug/mL When I could, I used data sheets from IDT for epsilon values of oligos


20130118 DNA UVVis.png

Important notes:

  1. I need to do new mini/midi-preps for WT sw Mb and pQE-80 as the concentrations were just so low.
  2. Asc Hb T109C f 136ug/mL (from assumption)
  3. Asc Hb T109C r 272ug/mL (from assumption)
  4. sw Mb M131T f 60.5 mmol/mL (from data sheet)
  5. sw Mb M131T r 10.3 mmol/mL (from data sheet)
  6. sw Mb pQE80 clone f 95.1 mmol/mL (from data sheet)
  7. sw Mb pQE80 clone r 30.4 mmol/mL (from data sheet)