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Prep for hemoglobin expression tomorrow


Prepare autoclaved LB broth

  1. Place 25 g of LB in Fernbach flask
  2. Add 1 L of water
  3. Repeat to make a total of 4 flasks
  4. Place 0.875g of LB in 250mL ehrlenmeyer flask
  5. Add 35mL of water
  6. Repeat to make a total of 4 flasks
  7. Autoclave flasks
    1. 2 runs each containing 2 fernbachs and 2ehrlenmeyers

Inoculate starter cultures

  1. Add 35uL of 100mg/mL ampicilin to each ehrlenmeyer
  2. Transfer culture from frozen glycerol stock of WT Ascaris Hb to starter culture flasks
  3. Shake overnight at 37C