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  1. Make PVA beads (no clay)
  2. Make samples to study PVA-clay particle uptake of dye
    1. Samples
      1. 100 mg of particles
      2. 5 g of Malachite green solution - see below
    2. Incubate for 1 week and take UV Vis of supernatant to see concentrations
  3. Retrieve data from DSC and learn how to evaluate
  4. Analyze particle size data from microscope image
  5. Go over paper
  6. SEM if we have time


Malachite Green solutions

  1. Samples from 9/4/2018
    1. 8.88 ppm
    2. 1.53 ppm
    3. 1.00 ppm
    4. 0.50 ppm
  2. Samples made today
    1. 25.3 ppm
      1. 11.45990 g of 106 ppm MG, 38.0164 g of water added
    2. 15.3 ppm
      1. 7.04373 g of 106 ppm MG, 41.66967 g of water added

PVA for cross linking

  1. 5.8 g of 10% PVA (31-50 kDa MW) in 10% HCl
  2. 5.8 g of water


  • Add data and results here...


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