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In general, follow the protocols from October 6th. However, now that you have started to reduce the protease concentration, you are going to have to run experiments over a longer period of time. Please do so wisely. We can chat about how long that needs to be. But, an understanding of your current data should help with figuring things out.

  1. Andrew, Matt, and Sydney are running an experiment on the Ocean Optics spectrometer today. I will advise you of some changes to the procedure.
  2. Loukas, Melvin, and Nouf and Becky and Michael will measure protease kinetics with the Bradford Assay using an appropriate concentration of protease. I will advise you of slight changes to the procedure.
  3. Asya, Maxi, and roberta and Benjamin, Jamie, and Nicole will measure protease kinetics with the Fluorescence Assay using 1uM of protease. I will advise you of slight changes to the procedure.


  1. Add experimental record here. Include what, how, and why...


  • Add data and results here...


This area is for any observations or conclusions that you would like to note.

Use categories like tags. Change the "Course" category to the one corresponding to your course. The "Miscellaneous" tag can be used for particular experiments, as instructed by your professor. Please be sure to change or delete this tag as required so that the categories remain well organized.