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Trying to determine if pI affects ability of protein to make AuNP fibers. Pepsin and Invertase did not make fibers in the last go around. Their pI's are both below the pH of where our reactions were run. Today I'll be running these reactions in pH 2 solutions.


Stock solutions

  1. HCl
    1. 5mL of 0.5M HCl into 250mL total
    2. 0.01M HCl (pH 2)
  2. HAuCl4
    1. 23.0 mg
    2. MW = 339.79 g/mol
    3. Volume = 25 mL
      1. Note - I made this with water instead of 0.01M HCl. So I added 0.51mL of 0.5M HCl to the solution. The final concentration of Au is shown below.
    4. 2.66mM
  3. BSA
    1. 25.0 mg
    2. MW = 66776 g/mol
    3. Volume = 25 mL
    4. 15.0 uM
  4. Pepsin
    1. 17.5 mg
    2. MW = 34620 g/mol
    3. Volume = 25 mL
    4. 20.2 uM
  5. Invertase
    1. 116.1 mg
    2. MW = 270000 g/mol
    3. Volume = 25 mL
    4. 17.2 uM
      1. Note: invertase is not soluble at this concentration. When making solutions, I kept all of the solid suspended as much as possible.

I made the samples according to the following table:


Here are the results:


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