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Prepping some BSA-AuNPs for two purposes

  1. Samples for TEM at the USNaval Academy
  2. Samples for Stephanie to use on Friday

Making three samples with a Au:BSA ratio of 90 (colloidal solution) and three with a Au:BSA ratio of 170 (fibers).

7.4mg HAuCl4-3H2O (MM = 393.83g/mol) in 7.5mL of water (2.5mM)

10mg of BSA (MM = 66776g/mol) in 10mL of water (15uM)

Au:BSA=90 samples

1mL of Au solution, 1.85mL of BSA solution, 7.15mL of water

Au:BSA=170 samples

1mL of Au solution, 0.98mL of BSA solution, 8.02mL of water

In oven at 80C for 4 hours (start at 10:30 am)

Removed from oven at 2:30pm