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Measure AA of the BSA-AuNP samples made yesterday


Using the Shimadzu AA-6200 in order to measure the gold content of the BSA-AuNP samples made yesterday. I made 4 standard solutions using our 1,000 μg/mL Au standard.

  1. 4 μg/mL (0.100 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)
  2. 8 μg/mL (0.200 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)
  3. 10 μg/mL (0.250 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)
  4. 20 μg/mL (0.500 mL standard in 25 mL of 1N HCl)


Here is the data for the standard curve:

It should be noted that for the above data that the Calculated Concentration comes form the instrument software and does not reflect the concentration as calculated with a correction for the water absorbance.

Here's is the standard curve with the second order fit equation displayed. A second order fit was used because the instrument manual stated that gold should be fitted this way due to a very minor, negative second order parameter in the fit, which agrees with our data.

Here is the raw data taken for each sample (again the Calculated concentration comes from the equipment and is not corrected for water)

Here is the data corrected for water (using the values for water before and after the BSA-AuNP sample was taken)

Here is a graph of the data (corrected for water) in graph format (μg/mL versus Au/BSA ratio)


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