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Perform PCR to mutate GFP to contain a cysteine residue just after the enterokinase cleavage site.


Materials GFP plasmid sequence from Invitrogen

Stratagene Quick Change PCR manual

What you need to do today:

  1. Get a better understanding for PCR
  2. Design forward and reverse primers for the plasmid in order to meet the requirements laid out in the Quick Change Manual
    • A "calculator" to determine the melting temperature of oligonucleotides can be found here. When performing the calculation leave out the nucleotide bases that you are mutating. (These bases are going to be mismatched during the PCR runs).
  1. Figure out what solutions you will need to perform a PCR run and what volumes of each solution you will need. You will need to check on the stock solutions that we have to make these calculations.
  2. Design a temperature cycling program for the thermocycler.
  3. Run a PCR reaction with the primers and DNA plasmid that I already have.
  4. Write a generic protocol for PCR on the our protocols page


  • Add data and results here...


PCR song

protein translation

protein translation

inner life of a cell

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