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Marios Kyriazis

I am a physician working in clinical medicine in London. I am also a Biogerontologist and have intense interest in all matters related to the Biology of Aging. I learned about OpenWetWare from internet search, and I've joined in order to share thoughts and research in biological matters related to longevity.


I qualified as an MD from the University of Rome, Italy in 1982. I also studied Gerontology, full time at a postgraduate level at King's College, University of London in 1990, and became a Chartered Biologist, Member of the Society of Biology (UK) in 1990.

Research interests

I published papers on the concept that aging is a loss of a dynamical complexity, and suggested ways to reverse this loss. Some of these ways are related to Hormesis, and areas such as Calorie Restriction and its Mimetics.

A lot of my early interests revolved around informing the general public about new developments in the science of aging.

My current interest in developing the ELPIs theory (Extreme Lifespans through Perpetual-equalising Interventions). This holds that life has an inherent cabability to maintain life, and that the current pathway that leads to aging and death after 80-100 years in humans, is not supposed to happen. See, also, both still under construction!


I have a list of over 700 articles, papers and interviews, both for the general public and scientists/academics.

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