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Maria Clara T Astolfi
  • Maria Clara T Astolfi
  • Biotechnology student at Federal University of Amazonas
  • Synthetic Biology Hub of Amazonas instructor
  • Multidisciplinary Support Centre
  • Manaus, Amazonas - Brazil

I learned about OpenWetWare from iGEM competition! I work in the Synthetic Biology Hub of Amazonas since its foundation and first iGEM participation in 2013 when I was a high school student. Currently, I'm an instructor of our iGEM team (Amazonas_Brazil) and hub, bringing up new SynBio students, highlighting (and learning together) the foundations for engineer biology. Our aim is to contribute to the SynBio community and remove boundaries in the way of its advancement in the middle of Amazon rainforest - Brazil! In 2014, we engineered a standard BioBrick for mercury processes. In 2015, we constructed novel synthetic promoters to improve mercury bioremediation. Our hub has also worked standardizing and assembling sigma factors, operators, -35, -10, extended -10, discriminator and more to build new genetic circuits. This experience inspired us to found the Genetic Circuits Regulation Group and now we are paving the way to work with new logic gates, applying it to solve real-world problems such as mercury contamination or biotechnology challenges as toxic protein overexpression in bacteria. Now we are working to build a standard BioBrick vector for one-step bacterial genome engineering with CRISPR/Cas9 machinery: the CRISPeasy!

I would love to share our results and what we have done since 2013!


  • Biotechnology, Federal University of Amazonas

Research interests

  1. Rationally design biology to overcome synthetic biology boundaries
  2. Engineer novel regulatory mechanisms AND genetic circuits
  3. Transform complexity into abstraction, inputs into predictable outputs

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