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Contact Info

Marcus J Allen

Education and Career

  • 2008, Elected Fellow of the Institute of Biology (now the Society of Biology)
  • 2003, PGCHE, University of Kent
  • 2001, Lecturer in Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Kent
  • 1995, PhD, University of Warwick
  • 1991, BSc, University of Leicester

Research interests

  1. Formation and function of neural circuits in Drosophila
  2. Neurobiology
  3. Drosophila genetics

Recent Publications


  1. Paper1 pmid=19969390
  2. Paper2 pmid=19948010
  3. Paper3 pmid=19084406
  4. Paper4 pmid=17650116
  5. Paper5 pmid=16879616
  6. Paper6 pmid=18820432
  7. Paper7 pmid=16378740

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