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Mouse embryos E16 injection with BrdU


  1. Assesment of BrdU-labeled cells' migration during undisturbed ontogenesis
  2. To be co-immunostained for BrdU and nestin



rl105c - 39g (reeler)

Embryos: Pups born on 2007-09-24. Mother neglected pups right away. One eaten; three remained alive and have been perfused with tissue preserved for genotyping.


  • BrdU solution: 5mg/ml in saline with 0.007 N NaOH (i.e. dilute 2N NaOH 286x). NaOH usually unnecessary.


Protocol follows the original experiment [1]. BrdU injected to a pregnant mother:

  • dose 50µg/g
  • single injection labels during period extending from 15min to at least 2hr

Injection regime:

39g and -> inj'd 0.39mL-45'-0.39mL

i.e. total volume 2x.39 = 0.78mL. Make 1000µL from 1 * 5mg = 5mg