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Migration of Suspended GE Cells (1)

Proof-of-Concept experiment to show whether suspended cells from GE can migrate at all, part. toward cortical explants.


  1. GE explants sit in DPBS-Mg/Ca for 30' in the incubator in a Petri dish (to gently break down cell-to-cell binding)
  2. DPBS replaced with DPBS/medium (can be repeated)
  3. trituration in 1.5mL of DPBS (with syringe using gradually thinner needles: 26, 22, 18)
  4. spinning 2000xg for 2', removing supernatant, resuspending in 1ml of NeuroBasal (+N+B+G) medium (deviation: DPBS used)
  5. counting: 26.8 mln/mL, diluted to 25mln/mL {#cells in all 16 fields x 10e4 x dilution}
  6. suspending in MatriGel (1+2 with medium, i.e. 140µL MG + total 70µL of suspension (cells + adjustment with medium):
    • #1 70µl + 0µL medium + 140µL MatriGel (=25mln/mL * .070mL /.210mL = 8.3mln/mL)
    • #2 35µl + 35µL medium + 140µL MatriGel
    • #3 17.5µl + 52.5µL medium + 140µL MatriGel
    • #4 8.75µl + 61.25µL medium + 140µL MatriGel
  7. 200µL of suspension spread over coverslip
  8. cortical explants, having been incubated in medium on a dish, were placed onto the suspensions with glass Pasteur pipette.
  9. Explants covered with a drop of pure MatriGel
  10. after 15 min incubation, cultures covered with medium 2mL/dish at 6:00pm
  11. each dish imaged at 10x in brightfield at 7:00pm ()

day 0

imaging of baseline

day 1 (Fri)

  • suspended cells not migratory
  • activity of cortical explants inversely proportional to the density of suspension:
    • explants "silent" in the highest density
    • explants send migrating cells and/or fibers gradually more as density decreases

day 4 (Mon)

  • some suspended cells show migratory morphology
  • activity of cortical explants inversely proportional to the density of suspension, although all are active

day 6 (Wed)

  • fixation in 4% PFA at 10am