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Brian of Zeiss moved the scope, incubator and the table (we helped) to the renovated Main Lab. Software is installed.

siRNA nucleofection (cont) [1]

proteins extracted:

  1. Medium (after several pipettings) transfered to 15mL falcon tube, wells washed with 2.5mL cold PBS/glucose each, tubes spun 10' 500 x g at RT, supernatant removed.
  2. Pellet (invisible) suspended in 100µL of PBS/glucose and transferred to eppendorf vials, tubes washed with 500µl of PBS/glucose, eppendorfs spun at 14,000 x g for 5', supernatant removed.
  3. Pellet lysed in RIPA buffer, pipetted several times and frozen
  4. Stored in -80 box 55