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Hi, my name is Mainá Bitar Lourenço.

File:Eu 10.jpg

I was once an actress, but now, I'm a scientist.

I'm Brazilian, was born in 1988 and I'm currently in the midle of my graduation. My major is Biophysics and my minors are Math and Computer Science. I go to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). I'm still an undergraduate student, but I have some research going on and I work at three different Labs: - Multidisciplinary Genomics Unity - Modeling and Molecular Dynamics Laboratory - Biological Physics Laboratory.

If anyone wish to know a little bit more about Rio, or UFRJ and one of the Labs I go to, just send me an e-mail ( I also have a group of discussions in Biophysics. We get together every two weeks and talk about a different subject involving Biophysics, Philosophy, Research, Ethics and other fields of interest. It is our way to stimulate the circulation of ideas within the academic environment. The meetings are always very interesting and if anyone is ever coming to Brasil, just tell me and come join us some friday afternoon. Everybody is very wellcome.

"Whatever is interesting is Biophisics."

If you are interested in learn more about UFRJ just visit --> [1]

Or, if you want to visit the Biophysics Institute`s page, you can click --> [2]

It is always nice to meet new people. Introduce yourself if you want. Once again my e-mail is