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Testing of OceanView and how to take a reading for absorbance.

  1. Run A Wizard
  2. Select spectroscopy
  3. JAZ is the correct hardware device. Click next
  4. Select absorbance and click next
  5. Select integration time as 1 ms
  6. Select scans to average 10
  7. Click next
  8. Open lamp. Click lightbulb to store reference spectrum. Click next
  9. Close lamp. Click the lightbulb to store dark spectrum. Click finish
  10. Open lamp. Click save graph to files. Configure
  11. Save the first available scan every 1 minute
  12. Stop after (insert amount of time)
  13. Save to directory in a dropbox folder
  14. File format- Tab separated with headers
  15. Create file name
  16. Click apply
  17. When ready to run, click play button, then click the save graph to files button a second time.