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June 27, 2013

DNA/ThT Samples for Calibration Graph

  • Remade samples at 500, 600, 700, 800, 900nM
  • Fluorescence measurements taken


Fluor data DNA ThT compliation.png<br.> <br.> Fluor data DNA ThT compliation calibration.png<br.> <br.>

Inconsistent Spectra

Fluor data 600nM DNA comparison.png<br.> <br.> Fluor data 700nM DNA comparison.png<br.> <br.> Fluor data 800nM DNA comparison.png<br.> <br.>


We still cannot produce consistent spectra for concentrations above 500nM. This may be due to a limit of bonding between the DNA and ThT: only a certain about of ThT molecules can bind to a given number of DNA molecules and that number has been reached, making higher concentrations irrelevant, which would explain the inconsistency.

FCS Measurements

  • Samples were prepared again for the Oligo D and DNA/MB