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March 26, 2013

Dilutions of AuNP, MB, and thiol DNA Solution

Goal: dilute solution to 1-0.5nM AuNP<br.> (9.7nM)V=(4.85nM)(100μL)<br.> V= 50μL 9.7nM AuNP in 50μL<br.>

Serial Dilutions with 50mM HEPES buffer:

4.85nM<br.> 2.425nM<br.> 1.2125nM<br.> 0.61nM<br.> 0.303nM<br.>

FCS Data
  • 0.3nM

Τ=0.00018 ms<br.> N= 0.41

  • 0.61nM

Τ=184.456 ms<br.> N= 620

  • 0.3nM (trial 2)

Τ=0.2046 ms<br.> N= 12

  • o.61nM (trial 2)

Τ=0<br.> N=0

Prepare Smaller Intervals of Diluted Samples:

(2.425nM)V=(0.5nM)(50μL)<br.> V=10.3μL in 39.7μL HEPES buffer<br.> 0.4 nM → 8.2μL in 41.75μL<br.> 0.3 nM → 6.2μL in 43.8μL<br.> 0.2 nM → 4.1μL in 45.95μL<br.>