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March 5, 2013

Dilution of Molecular Beacon=
  • 50000pM: (1μM)V=(500000pM)(1mL)

25μL 1μM MB in 475μL buffer

  • 25000pM: (50000pM)V=(25000)(40μL)

20μL 50000pM in 20μL buffer

  • 5000pM: (50000pM)V=(5000)(40μL)

4μL 50000pM in 36μL buffer

  • 500pM: (5000pM)V=(500)(40μL)

4μL 5000pM in 36μL buffer

  • 100pM: (5000pM)V=(100)(40μL)

1.25μL 50000pM in 38.75μL buffer

  • 1nm: (50000pM)V=(1000pM)(40μL)

1.25μL 50000pM in 38.75μL buffer

Sample Data
  • 1:1 1nM <br.>

τ1=3.5014 ms <br.> N=9.2

  • 1:5 1nM <br.>

τ1=0.7290 ms <br.> N=10

  • 1:10 1nM <br.>

τ1=0.3791 ms <br.> N=10.9

  • 5:1 1nM <br.>

τ1=0.6540 ms <br.> N=8

  • 10:1 1nM <br.>

τ1=0.4783 ms <br.> N=14

  • 50:1 1nM <br.>

τ1=0.4286 ms <br.> N=3.5

  • 5:1 500pM <br.>

τ1=0.7030 ms <br.> N=20

  • 10:1 500pM <br.>

τ1=8.0116 ms <br.> N=7.5

  • 50:1 500pM <br.>

τ1=90515.3 ms <br.> N=1.91