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Mya Poe, Director of Technical Communication at MIT


Courses Taught: 6.021J, HST 500, 20.109, and 20.380 as well as Rhetoric of Science (21W.747)

My own research focuses on how people use writing to make sense of their worlds. I look at the relationship between culture and transcription--What do we choose to put on the page/screen? How do those choices reflect our ways of understanding the world? How do these choices reflect cultural, ethnic, or individual ways of understanding the world? How does genre mediate those choices? In my current research--a book on MIT Press--I'm looking at how students learn the ways of arguing used by professional scientists. I'm also editing a collection on racism and the testing of writing abilities.

COURSE MATERIALS Here are the slides I showed in lab related to writing your report for the first module:

Overview of Scientific Writing and Rhetoric

Also, don't forget to check out the 20.109(F08):DNA engineering lab report guidelines.


The following are helpful places to do further investigation into good writing.

  • Writing Up Research
    A fairly comprehensive explanation of the components of the research article from the Asian Institute of Technology.