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Make necessary preparations to facilitate the rest of the research.


We are asked to measure the weight of the eppendorf tubes that we will use to find an average weight and standard deviation to use for our analysis later on. Furthermore the measurements include the weight of our protease (Thermolysin) and the concentration the solution that will exist in the tube will have once we ad 1mL of water in it.


tubes intial mass Thermolysin mass Mg grams moles concemtration
1.03104 0.8 0.0008 2.31214E-08 2.31214E-05
1.02859 1.33 0.00133 3.84393E-08 3.84393E-05
1.0199 1.29 0.00129 3.72832E-08 3.72832E-05
1.02753 1.21 0.00121 3.49711E-08 3.49711E-05
1.01646 1.43 0.00143 4.13295E-08 4.13295E-05
1.03078 1.12 0.00112 3.23699E-08 3.23699E-05
1.02419 1.21 0.00121 3.49711E-08 3.49711E-05
1.01308 1.29 0.00129 3.72832E-08 3.72832E-05
1.02896 1.04 0.00104 3.00578E-08 3.00578E-05
1.0288 1.29 0.00129 3.72832E-08 3.72832E-05
1.02602 1.08 0.00108 3.12139E-08 3.12139E-05
1.02456 1.03 0.00103 2.97688E-08 2.97688E-05
1.01719 0.75 0.00075 2.16763E-08 2.16763E-05
1.02863 1.24 0.00124 3.58382E-08 3.58382E-05
1.0285 1.18 0.00118 3.4104E-08 3.4104E-05

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