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Lissa (Elizabeth) Riley

I am a rising senior at MIT working in the Irvine Lab with Anna Bershteyn.

Last summer I worked in the Endy Lab on post-translational logic, with Samantha Sutton. You can see my project page here.

My blog

Classes, Fall 2007, at MIT in [Course 20]

BE.309 (Biological Instrumentation Lab), 1.89 (Environmental Microbiology), 21M.303 (Writing in Tonal Forms/Music Theory III), 21F.103 (Chinese III), 21M.421 (MITSO)


MITSO (Symphony Orchestra), Terrascope, pika, Recyclemaniacs, UROP, violin, beginning ballet, biking, rock climbing


I am interested in: violin, chamber and orchestral music (and composing), kung fu, biochemistry, electrical engineering, *anything* neuroscience, oceans + ocean life (especially diatoms, corals, and bioluminescence), drawing, topology, vegetarianism, Chinese art and language, the poetry of Rumi, Spanish and Portuguese, climbing trees and rocks, Tibet, cancer and cancer treatment, drawing, fireflies, Brazil, stargazing, attempting to learn meditation, frisbee, swimming, computer games (civII among others), theoretical physics (especially string theory), growing plants (especially jungle plants), philosophy, reading ( especially these things), sustainability, cooperative living, nonviolent communication



I can: make an acorn whistle, play violin, do kung fu, fold paper cranes

I can't: do more than 2 consecutive overhand chinups (yet!), make fudge that turns out right, start a fire with only a stick, engineer trees that grow treehouses, program in C++, do a wheelie

I like: science , engineering, my Chinese class, drawing, Bach, watching the Olympics, swirly patterns in cut beets, snow, sandcastles, speaking Spanish, ginger, visiting countries very different from America, the smell of the subway, the Mandelbrot set, Beethoven Symphony 7 mvmt 2, farmers markets

I dislike: mushrooms, misplaced certainty, wet socks, cilantro

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