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To Do

  • More chem list!

Chemicals List

  • (singsong)This is the task that never ends...yes it goes on and on my friend!
  • Anyways, a really useful site that I used yesterday (and it took me like 10mins to try to re-find) is
    • It allows you to find CAS and EC number by entering the EC, CAS, chem name or chem formula into the search field!
    • Steve Koch 02:36, 30 July 2009 (EDT): That does look like a great site. I looked up "methanol" and discovered that it has a really lame structure when you don't include the carbons or hydrogens: Methanol lame structure.jpg
  • Also have to open up kits and things that have parts that need individual msds' and whatnot


  • Teaching Andy and Larry how to use the Autoclave
  • While cleaning some glasswear, I dropped a glass stopper into the sink. It looked like it got caught in the trap, hopefully its still there when i come back for it tomorrow


  • Brigette was wondering how the stir function of the nanodrop worked
  • I emailed tech support and they told us that we would need to buy little stir rods for it
    • STIR BAR,FLEA MICRO, 8X1.5MM 14-513-64
    • STIR BAR,FLEA MICRO, 7X2MM 14-513-63 5
    • MICRO,STIRBAR BLUE 8X1.5MM EA 14-512-150
    • MICRO STIRBAR BLUE 7X2MM EA 14-512-154
    • MICRO RED STIR BAR 7X2, 12/PK 14-511-88
    • MICRO YLW STIR BAR 8X1.5,12/PK 14-511-80
    • Steve Koch 02:38, 30 July 2009 (EDT): This will be very useful. If you can find the same sizes, probably easier to buy through CRLS. As I just mentioned to Brigette in an email, we should probably get a bunch of other stir bars of all sizes because they have a way of disappearing.