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To Do

  • more office work
  • setup video card

Office stuff

  • Put away crls receipts
  • organize the hoard of cd's we have laying around
    • We need a cd tray, i guess i will grab one next time im in an office supply store
      • Andy and Larry are going on an errand and will look for one of these rack things, thanks guys


  • Andy and Larry got a soft case, zip-up, cd book and I will put cd's and their appropriate inserts into this book
  • Andy also wants me to make a filing/numbering system for the book
    • oh lame, i thought it was a cool book that help 4cd's per page, but its only a 2cd per page (double sided)
      • 26 pages, A-Z then
  • Filing convention
    • Page 1 is A
    • A has 4 slots, 2 front 2 back
    • A1 is the top of the first page while A4 is the bottom of the first page
  • They are all marked for your filing convenience
  • I'm pretty sure there is alot of software in the filing cabinet, I should ask Andy if he wants me to dig around back there

Video Card

  • Gonna try to install the new video card and test out dual monitor-y goodness
  • I'm gonna need to take the tower off the optical table and disconnect the monitor from Koch's office computer
    • There is a small dell monitor in the lab that I can hook Koch's up to and then do Dual Monitors on the daq-2
  • DAQ-2 now has the new video card installed and I have 2 monitors running mirror images
    • The box did not come with any software, so I am downloading the driver for this card and then trying to make the dual monitors function correctly
  • After installation and a quick restart, KochLab-DAQ2 is now fully setup with dual monitors for an extended desktop (Steve Koch 00:26, 28 July 2009 (EDT):Thanks! And thanks for all other things you accomplished last week! I'm still way behind on everything.)
  • Steveoffice also has a monitor and has regained it's funtionallity