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To Do

  • start moving into the new lab
  • organize some of the paperwork that has been floating around the lab recently
  • profile the 1064 laser we are borrowing for Dr Evans (when that comes up)
  • 11-7


  • Went through a HUGE stack of papers
  • organized them into shipping stuff, instructions, msds, and misc
  • The small instruction sheets (like the ones that comes with the tubulin) are in a plastic sleeve, hanging on the side of the -20°C freezer
  • The packing slips will be filed in the cabinet in the chase
    • They will be put into chronological order, year and semester (i.e summer 2009)
  • Organized the manuals too
    • Had to get some smaller file things from Kerry in the front, so they dont quite fit right, but they are in there!
    • Side note: I made a Cytoskeleton folder so if you are looking for those papers, check in the filing cabinet


  • Andy wants me to update the chemical list on the private wiki before transferring it to the public
    • He handed me the stack of Sigma MSDS' to start from to update the page
  • Updated the list with all the chemicals in the MSDS' that we got from Sigma
    • Did not list the casein and did not list any buffers
  • Note: the list is on the private wiki for now, so you will need access to it to read it


  • Koch and Igor setup Evan's 1064 in the the lab today
  • So tomorrow, I will give the ccd a whirl and see if i can get it profiled
  • Note:
    • Move Kochlab daq-2 into other room
      • May have a problem with internet conection, since it wont be hardwired to the server
        • May want a wireless card for it now
    • If that machine doesnt work, will have to use the old klunker from last summer (kochlab 2?)
    • Also need to ask andy about other ir goggles and the ir imaging card
Steve Koch 12:03, 25 June 2009 (EDT): If you get this message in time, maybe hold off on moving KochLab-Daq2. We may be able to use -03 or -04. Hmmm, let me think (I'm worried about image acquisition in the next several days--sheesh we need the new scope!)