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  • making a new batch of MT's w/ Igor while Brigette and Koch make antifade
  • we need a new batch of brb80T, so we are mixing from stock at a 100:1 ratio of brb to T (thymine i think)
    • Andy Maloney 00:01, 6 June 2009 (EDT): The "T" is for taxol. Taxol is an anti-cancer drug that stabilizes microtubules.
  • Since koch and brigette are still making antifade, igor and I used the old stuff from the other day
    • We did not see anything, just blobs of dust
  • Thinking I may have fried the tubes by stabilizing with cold brb80t, we look at a "naked" sample
    • plenty of tubes, there must have been a misstep during the antifade application, or just bad antifade ate our tubes
  • Igor and I try once more with the "Bad AF"
    • We use 20ul of tubes (instead of 5 the first 2 times)
      • We see plenty of tubes but the AF does not work, bleaches very fast
        • Interesting note: we did see tubes break apart as they became bleached
        • There was also a "flow" from the coverglass spreading out the liquid (i think Igor put more than 5ul of soln on there, but thats no big deal)
  • Brigette finished her new batch of antifade and we try it with the new tubes
    • After fussing around with focusing, she found the tubes and the antifade works great!
    • Note: This sample has been the hardest for me to view. All the other samples this week were really easy to get in focus (kinda odd, who knows, maybe just a fluke)
    • The tubes stay in view for a very long time and are quite contrastive
      • Note: both brigette and I do not notice any movement of the tubes, normally there are some "wiggles" we see from loose ends
      • They are stuck pretty hard on the glass and coverslide (as you can get a new set in view as you focus up the plane into the slide or coverglass)
    • The new AF works like a charm, the images are lasting longer than any i have seen this week
    • Brigette did a rough time in the bleaching and says they last ~1min 15s

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