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his is a screenshot of the VI's backpanel
This is a side by side of the original image and the image that I remade with a pixel array
  • Larry has asked me to make a LABView VI that takes photos out of a file and loads them all to LABView
    • It also must display said photos
  • After many, many attempts, I currently have a version that does what I think he wants (feedback to follow)
  1. it will open a directory and list everything that is in it
  2. it will then load photos into LABView (currently set to look for .tif and .png)
  3. the photos are in an array
  4. if the file is not a photo, a blank will be created in the array, and then deleted afterwards
  5. i can pick out a piece of the array and look at it
  • The problems that it has are:
  1. case sensitivity: .Tif files and .tif files or .png .Png .PNG must all be coded for separately, more annoying than troublesome.
  2. display: currently only displays one photo at a time, and you must rerun the entire program to see a new photo
    • possible fix by turning the photos into a pixel array
  • The VI uses NI Vision Assistant to deal with the photos themselves
  • I was messing around with the pixel thing that Koch had suggested
  • With a single photo, I can turn the pic into a compressed array, take that array and turn it into a photo again and then display it
    • It worked, but the photo is blue and white instead of black and white