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stackoverflow error in bwa aln. Is it a problem of version ? rebuilding the genome index:

(...)[BWTIncConstructFromPacked] 670 iterations done. 6154206942 characters processed.
 [BWTIncConstructFromPacked] 680 iterations done. 6177547390 characters processed.
[bwt_gen] Finished constructing BWT in 687 iterations.
[bwa_index] 5783.06 seconds elapse.
[bwa_index] Update BWT... 31.53 sec
[bwa_index] Pack forward-only FASTA... 61.74 sec
[bwa_index] Construct SA from BWT and Occ... 2587.15 sec
[main] Version: 0.6.1-r104
[main] CMD: /usr/local/package/bwa-0.6.1/bwa index -a bwtsw /GENOTYPAGE/data/pubdb/ucsc/hg19/chromosomes/hg19.fa
[main] Real time: 8550.873 sec; CPU: 8535.225 sec