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variation tables

 create table variation(id int unsigned primary key auto_increment, chrom varchar(30) not null, position int unsigned not null, ref varchar(10) not null, alt varchar(255), creation datetime, modification timestamp) engine=InnoDB;
 create unique index uniq_var on variation(chrom asc,position asc,ref,alt);
 alter table variation add index(chrom);
 alter table variation add index(chrom,position);

vcf input

  create table vcf_input(id int unsigned primary key auto_increment,fileformat varchar(50) null,filename varchar(255) null,description TEXT,creation datetime,modified timestamp) engine=InnoDB;
  create table vcf_input_meta(id int unsigned primary key auto_increment,input_id int unsigned not null , propKey varchar(255) ,propValue varchar(255),creation datetime, modified timestamp,index(input_id), foreign key(input_id) references vcf_input(id) on delete cascade) engine=InnoDB;


 create table vcf_call(
 id int unsigned primary key auto_increment,input_id int unsigned  not null,
 variation_id int unsigned not null ,
 sample_id int unsigned not null,
 consensus_quality float,
 snp_quality float,
 rms_quality float,
 depth int,meta text,
 creation datetime, modified timestamp,
 foreign key(input_id) references vcf_input(id) on delete cascade,
 foreign key(variation_id) references variation(id) ,
 foreign key(sample_id) references sample(id)
 ) engine=InnoDB;

Note about sam2vcf


 my ($chr,$pos,$ref,$cons,$cons_qual,$snp_qual,$rms_qual,$depth,@items) = split(/\t/,$line);


  • 0 chr
  • 1 pos
  • 2 ref
  • 3 cons
  • 4 cons_qual
  • 5 snp_qual
  • 6 rms_qual
  • 7 depth


  print $fh_out "$chr\t$pos\t.\t$ref\t$alt\t$snp_qual\t0\t\tGT:GQ:DP\t$gt:$cons_qual:$depth\n";


  • 0 chr
  • 1 pos
  • 2 ID="."
  • 3 ref
  • 4 alt
  • 5 snp_qual = "QUAL" (was $5 in pileup)
  • 6 empty (filter)
  • 7 empty (INFO)
  • 8 FORMAT
  • 9 CALL
    • GT= genotype 0|1 , 1|2
    • GQ= genotype qual (was $4 in pileup)
    • DP= depth was ($7 in pileup)

inserting SLS2 dindel data in mysql

wrote tool to insert data

  grep "#" ./XXXX1_variantCalls.VCF > header.txt
  grep -v "#" ./XXXX1_variantCalls.VCF | java -jarposfilter.jar -db XXXX_0809_PCCR.bed > jeter.vcf
  cat header.txt jeter.vcf | java -cp insertvariants.jar:mysql-connector-java-5.1.12-bin.jar -s XXX1 -d "XXX" -t vcf

in SLS2: numerous duplicated rows:

 select vcf_call.* from vcf_call,vcf_input where group by vcf_call.variation_id having count(*)>3;