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Contact Info


Dr. Gu currently is a postdoc in George Church lab at Harvard Medical School, and the HHMI Fellow of Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund. He is developing a massively parallel technology that bridges transcriptome and proteome studies. It allows functional interrogation and interactome analysis of more than thousands of different protein species in one flow cell.


Research interests

  1. Next-generation DNA sequencing
  2. Mechanistic enzymology
  3. Interactome, especially for components in biosynthetic/signaling pathways
  4. Single-molecule studies
  5. Ribosome/translation-based technologies

Research experience

Ph.D. dissertation (University of Michigan): Studies on the biosynthetic pathway of curacin A, a marine cyanobacterial metabolite from Lyngbya majuscula with potent antiproliferative and cytotoxic activities against colon-, renal-, and breast-cancer–derived cell lines.

M.S. thesis (Tsinghua University): Biochemical Studies on the oligomeric structure and molecular chaperone activity of a small hear shock protein, Hsp16.3, an immunodominant antigen which was found to be a major membrane protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


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